Shelf Life Studies

For the Food & Beverage Industry

Helping food and beverage developers determine the ideal shelf life of their product.

Food spoilage and deterioration are concerning issues that continue to cause trouble and excess waste for food industries and consumers.

Understanding the major factors that affect a product’s shelf life, such as storage variability, ingredient quality, processing aids, and packaging can help food developers continuously provide high quality and safe products for their customers.

At Labtest-usa, we aid in the development process of new and innovative foods and beverages through the careful study of product performance and stability. We work closely with small to large scale businesses to design and perform shelf life testing customized for your unique needs.

Shelf Life Testing Abilities

Our technical team of microbiology and food science experts provides support for your product development needs, including:

  • Rancidity Testing
  • Accelerated shelf life study
  • Moisture, pH and water activity variability
  • Product stability under varying storage conditions
  • Microbiological, chemical and physical testing
  • Sensory Evaluation
  • Technical Consultation and Research
  • Probiotic Stability throughout shelf-life

Customizable Storage Conditions

Our laboratory offers a large selection of storage conditions, varying in temperature and humidity levels, to fit your product storage needs.

By manipulating temperature and humidity, our team can accelerate the study, so you can get results faster.

Sensory Evaluation

Examining the changes in sensory quality plays an important role in confirming a product’s shelf life.

We evaluate the changes in odor, flavor, appearance, texture, color, and taste and correlate that data with the chemical and microbiological results to verify the target shelf life period of the product.

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